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(09-13-2008, 02:23 PM)spinning Wrote: Can you make this kind of stats for

postings today:
postings last hour:
total users online:
visitors today:
Unfortunately no - this plugin was designed to give a Who's Online Today without performing an extra query.
For the conflict, you can just open the file and replace all instances of "onlinetoday" with something else - don't forget to change the filename too.

(09-14-2008, 08:10 AM)PeteSa Wrote: Bit of an issue here. The usernames for bots that have appeared in the last 24 hours show up fine in the "Online today" bit and the username of the user currently logged in appears as well. However, when the user then logs off, the name immediately disappears from the list. If you then click on the "Complete list" bit, that user still appears here, but not on the list summary that appears on the index. Hmm.. Ideas?

Thank you
The two things work slightly differently. The Who's Online Today on the index is based off the sessions table - when someone logs out, their session gets deleted, so won't show up on the list. The Who's Online Today via online.php uses members' last active times. The problem with the latter is that the last visit time of guests isn't tracked by MyBB. It's theoretically possible to combine the two, but the resource usage for that isn't practical for this plugin.

Hope that explains it.
OK, well is it not possible to simply make the Who's Online Today list on the index reference the online.php like the "Complete list"ing does? (ie. no longer utilising the sessions table)
As stated, the sessions table is the only way to grab guest info.
I'm afraid I don't really understand - sorry. I didn't need guest information returned, just wanted when users have logged on for their names to still appear on the "Who's Online Today" list for 24 hours. As I say, I don't see how this is related to guests logging in...
Oops - my bad. It appears to be working and logins are appearing correctly now. Apologies for misunderstandings and... thank you!

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