Donating to MyBB - Help Secure the Future of MyBB
Hi all,

We've just set up a page on the MyBB website with information about donating to MyBB. It's accessible here:

Donations can be made via PayPal and donating to MyBB helps secure the future of MyBB as being a free discussion forum system - it helps us pay for our server for the website, domain names, and any other project related costs.

At the moment, the MyBB 1.4 code is currently undergoing a complete security audit from GulfTech. This is due to the security vulnerabilities found in MyBB since the MyBB 1.4 release. Obviously this isn't cheap for us - and it's an out of the pocket expense for myself.

At the moment the only income for covering expenses on the MyBB website is the advertising on the main page, as well as some very much appreciated donations every month from MyBB Central.

If you too, would like to help support MyBB, then it's as simple as visiting the above page and making a donation to the MyBB Group. Donations can be as little or as much as you like, every little bit helps MyBB.

To all of those who've donated to MyBB, both past and those who donate in the future - thank you for your contributions!

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