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Nintendo Net v2
So's been about a year since I last posted a thread about NN, but since we just unveiled the new theme and upgraded to 1.4 (yes, I know I'm late Toungue), I decided to get some thoughts, comments, and criticisms from the MyBB community.

Nintendo Net

Still not the biggest community, but we've got a loyal core member base and then the stragglers and occasional posters. The forum was in a MAJOR slump before the redesign, and activity has picked up a little bit since. I've got some ideas for advertising and stuff, but I haven't started using them yet.
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Nice site. You should get MyFriendcodes plugin for MyBB. Does your site want to be affiliates with mine
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Yes, you should get the MyFriendCodes Plugin.
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I would remove the Register An Account forum, since there's already a link showing at the top for registering...

Quote:Hello There, Guest! (Login — Register)

The Community Focus section of forums I'd move them to the bottom of the page, since your forums are about games so they should have priority over the other forums.
The MyFriendCodes plugin is actually the next thing on the agenda - I've got it installed on my local forum and I'm just trying to play around with it a bit before I install it live.

lufbra, I've thought about doing both of your suggestions in the past, but the only thing that kinda worries me is the fact that the Intro Lounge and questions/suggestions forum are in there, and they might be a bit hard to find if Community Focus is moved to the bottom. I guess I could move them into the Official Forums though.

The register forum will probably be deleted though - I've heard some people say that it helps on their own forums, and other people just say it looks bad.
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Also, since im not that good with rules i borrowed some of yours. LOL sorry.
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Uhhh...'scuse me? I probably wouldn't have had a problem with you basing some of your rules on mine (putting them into your own words, of course), but when you blatantly copy them without asking? I really don't like that.

Don't really want to get into this on the forums though, so let's keep it private if there's anything else.
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Hey looks great. Congrats on upgrading to 1.4x.
O Sorry...ill change it... Hey lab have you gotten my P.M.s?
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