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[Release 1.4x] My Ad Manager
(2008-09-11, 07:27 PM)Bey Brad Wrote:
(2008-09-11, 01:33 PM)OceanLove Wrote: I got no money..

Then you cannot use the plugin.

There are many things we must go without in life because we cannot afford them!

Sad.. I want credit card!! duh..
i installed it and uploaded it into my inc/plugins section and activated it but i don't see the section for Ad Manager at all in the Settings section
Hmm..can I get login to your admincp?

Are you on 1.4x?

btw it's labelled "My Ad Manager".
yea there any way i can IM you?

and yes i'm on 1.4x Smile
The inline ad box is missing on 1.4, using mybb 1.4.6 :\

if i change the identifier from inlinead to inlinead2 is appears in the settings but i don't know if it will work like that?

uninstalled the plugin, renamed all instanced of inlinead to inline_ad and it works now.
is there a way to make this free? Smile got no credit card to be a subscriber..
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Highly unlikely a paid plugin will suddenly become free, no.
MyReactions - All Plugins

Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
hope so there would be a free plugin like that on mybb central soon.. Smile thanks
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