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[Release 1.4x] My Ad Manager

[Caveat: To download plugins from mybb central you must be a paid subscriber]

This is the best Ad Management Plugin you can get. It manages 4 ad zones in total.

1. Headerinlude - This is perfect for inline ad systems like Kontera where you need to add script tags inside head.
2. Top Ad - This is in the header template underneath the navigation bar.
3. Inline Ads - These are ads between posts.
4. Footer Ad - This is in the footer template above the bottom navigation bar.

This plugin allows for exemptions by group or forum id for EACH zone.

Installation is SUPER easy and should install on ANY theme as I have created my own function to make sure of that.

Oh and forgot to mention each zone is already classed for css. Smile

[Image: b4m70b97d6qpwrnnzvd8_thumb.gif]

Thank you and Enjoy.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I just installed this plugin.
Now i have tried other plugins but they all failed on my forum.
Prob not due to anything more than my theme being screwed up.
This plugin worked perfect.
I am very impressed and thankful for this one. Exactly what i was looking for.
And loads of additional options i have not even used yet.
If anyone wants to see the adds in action you can go to my forum and check.
Now i know some people dont like to subscribe to get these things.
I am not one of them. This sort of plugin can make back Subscription cost in no time.
Once again thankyou so much Labrocca.
Why must it be a paid download.. T_T
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Its not a paid download to be fair to author. Its a paid subscription which entitles you to loads and loads of quality plugins and support. Man it sounds like i am affiliated.. I am not. I am simply a subscriber. I was a little skeptical but am a plugin wh*#e and for that reason i decided the small fee was more than worth it.

Just my thoughts on the issue. I understand some people will think different. But just be aware. Most if not all subscribers are more than happy they did. That to me answers the question why.
I got no money..
(2008-09-11, 01:33 PM)OceanLove Wrote: I got no money..

Then you cannot use the plugin.

There are many things we must go without in life because we cannot afford them!
Something doesn't seem to be working that I just noticed, when I place ad code in the headerinclude portion for my text link ads through Chitka or Kontera, none of of those link ads show up on the page.

Also the inline ads look out of place without some kind of padding/css around them, is there a way this can be done.

Also is it possible to center the footer ad an move it down a little, on the themes instead of it being centered, it's over to the left a bit.

Other than that, a pretty solid and decent release, very much appreciated.
[Image: sig.jpg]
Each display ad section already has a CSS. You just need to go to your theme are define it.

Each display zone also has a class defined for css control. You will need to alter your theme to add the following classes only if you want to alter them this way.

Zone CSS Classes:
1. Header = headerad{}
2. Inline = inlinead{}
3. Footer = footerad{}

As for the headerinclude ad...I see a problem. It's not displaying on all pages. I may need to hook that seperately. I believed that pre_output_page was hooked into all pages but I guess not.

EDIT: It appears that a str_replace doesn't cut it on certain pages and a preg_replace is needed. Give me a couple hours I will have it all fixed up. It works fine on the forumdisplay though. Grrr..
Thanks labrocca, I'll look in the css as mentioned to edit the code for the inline ads.
[Image: sig.jpg]
Alright fixed the index display problems. Version 1.1 is at mybb central. Uninstall and install the new version. Sorry about that.

Let me know if you come across other anomolies I need to fix.

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