Discuss: MyBB 1.4.2 Released - Maintenance and Security Update
Thanks Smile
Good Stuff, I will be upgrading this evening.
No issues here. Thanks for the update guys! Great work! Smile
Yay, I tested this. Updated. Smile
dank... just upgrade 6 hours from 1.2.14 last night to 1.4.1.
But, in the morning see this 1.4.2... Smile

Well, good job guys.
Thank You for the hard work.
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My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile
Thanks for the upgrade.
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As bittersweet as it is that security vulnerabilities were found in 1.4.1, it's nice to know that the audit paid off, and GulfTech found the problems before they could be exploited Smile
smf can eat dust.. installing this tonight Smile
(2008-09-17, 12:54 AM)labrocca Wrote: For those with 1.2.14 and need a very quick update package. I have attached one. Just upload the files and overwrite your existing ones.

This will only PATCH 1.2.14 and not update you to 1.4x.

Thank you very much for the package.
Thank for the upgrade! Wink
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