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[F] Error with editing a user [C-Michael83]

Board : 1.4.2 (upgrade 1.4.1 => 1.4.2)
Default language board : French
Default language Admin CP : English

When i want edit a user with Board Language is "Use default" (screen 1), i have this error (screen 2) :
The following errors were encountered:

    * The language you selected does not exist. Please select an existing language.

If i choose "English" or "French" (screen 3) and i save, it's OK.

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This could be due to a language file update...
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

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(2008-09-17, 01:16 PM)destroyer Wrote: This could be due to a language file update...
All language file are updated...
Possible fix: Open the file admin/modules/user/users.php and search for:
$languages = array_merge(array('0' => $lang->use_default), $lang->get_languages()); 
Replace with:
$languages = array_merge(array('' => $lang->use_default), $lang->get_languages()); 
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Yes, It's OK with that :
$languages = array_merge(array('' => $lang->use_default), $lang->get_languages()); 

Thanks !
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
MyBB Group

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