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3 questions that should be pretty easy to answer.

Picture for reference:

[Image: weebitofhelpthanksst8.jpg]

1: How do I change the background to the quotes? Right now it's white on white so you can't see anything :/

2: How do I change the background to those boxes in the User Profile?

3: How do I change the color of the text where I'm pointing to in the top menu, and how come the User CP link is all messed up when the others aren't?

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These are all CSS issues. First of all, have a look at the awesome MyBB 1.4 CSS Guide posted by Darren.

Although it looks like you're using a modified Afresh theme so your mileage may vary. You're going to be editing global.css. Specifically .bottommenu (I think.. I don't have Afresh installed), blockquote, and .fieldset.
[Image: vqApN3l.gif]
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Yea man. Go have a play in your theme settings. Play with the css settings. Its pretty easy with the new 1.4. Its one feature i love. Damn i am in the process of offering my first theme just because its so easy to make them. Gotta love 1.4 for that.
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Thanks guys, I'll take a look and see what I can fix.


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