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[Release 1.4x] Online24
(2008-09-24, 02:50 AM)labrocca Wrote: Ugh..but since everyone is in different time zones you can't use that method.

Technically, can't you base it on the 'Current Time' MyBB function, since thats difference for every time zone.

Like, code it like an if..else statement (only PHP, not Javascript).

Like...if the time goes to 12:00pm, the thing resets itself.
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(2008-09-24, 08:08 AM)Jamie T Wrote: funny i thought this already excisted and i have the free version stop asking money zomg
step over to ipb oso then

I would appreciate it if you didn't trash my threads with your opinions.

Please realize I am not a teenager and I take my work on the internet seriously. I understand you want free but let's assume for a minute your parents pay for a nice computer instead of asking you to use the free one at school or the library. Let's assume for a minute instead of a free or cheap dial up you have broadband. Let's assume for a minute that you aren't on the soup line begging for free food and your parents work and provide it for you.

I provide a service and if people want that service they pay my fee.

Realize quickly that not everything in life is free. And consider trying to use better grammar too.

Thank you.
Quote:Technically, can't you base it on the 'Current Time' MyBB function, since thats difference for every time zone.

Doh! Someone is getting technical now. Sad

The new mybb 1.4 now deletes sessions older than 24 hours...but I think it's based on the server time. I have to look deeper into this because I think the stats are off. It's not getting all sessions. Not sure what mybb is doing.
And how about using the timezone of the current user?

I mean for somebody on GTM-8, to get all the people that were online on his time zone (0:00 - 23:59 on the time zone GMT-8), same thing for somebody else on another time zone, ex.: GMT+5 (0:00 - 23:59 on the time zone GMT+5).
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