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[F] Admin CP / Users search bug
(09-28-2008, 01:45 PM)ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote: That's way too long for your DB size and system specs...
What's the page generation time for your index.php?

Also, can you try the following?
- add a "normal" (not unique) index to longipaddress in mybb_posts
- OPTIMIZE (all tables in) the database

Run the query after doing that and see how long it takes.

Thank You Zinga, it helped me. Optimizing table didn't have any effect, BUT indexing longipaddress was the key of problem.

ALTER TABLE `mybb_posts` ADD INDEX ( `longipaddress` )

After this query it takes 0.03 seconds running the search by postip.

Thanks one more time, and also thanks for according to me patience.

You are the best support team ever seen over internet, thank you and wish all the best Wink
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I am having issues as well. I never had problems with this on 1.2x and now queries timeout and load spikes dramatically. Certainly not optimal conditions. I need the ability to search by ip address on my sites. I have installed the attached user.php file which fixed the all-users result page.

Can this be looked at more closely please? It's ineffective as it is now. I don't see why this can't be fixed without adding an index to the longipaddress. I did try it but mysql is choking now. The modcp search works just fine so I assume there is another problem in admincp.

Please reopen this.

EDIT: Apparently mysql was stuck in a query. I had to restart it. Then added the index for longipaddress and now it's lightening fast. So not sure what the permanent solution for this is.
I added an index to longipaddress and others for 1.4.3
more plug ins, not compatible or creating corruption of forum software, Uggggh!
Even Lies Can't keep a good man down. Heart
(10-30-2008, 04:34 PM)Pow-Mia Wrote: more plug ins, not compatible or creating corruption of forum software, Uggggh!

Is that supposed to mean something related to this bug report?

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