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spikescot2005 Wrote:Well i loaded this and its great but the picture i uploaded into my profile is on everyone elses profile now?

My mistake ^^

Open inc/plugins/pp.php

	if($mybb->user['pp'] != "")

Change into
	if($memprofile['pp'] != "")
		$pp = "<img src=\"{$mybb->user['pp']}\" alt=\"{$mybb->user['username']}\" />";

Change into
		$pp = "<img src=\"{$memprofile['pp']}\" alt=\"{$memprofile['username']}\" />";

And change
	global $db, $mybb, $templates,$pp_box ,$theme, $lang;
	global $db, $mybb, $templates,$pp_box ,$theme, $lang, $memprofile;

Or download the package again and just reupload the inc/plugins/pp.php =P
LeX- Wrote:
leealex Wrote:where can I find this plugin?

I've made something that could be used =P


 * Profile Picture for MyBB 1.2.7
 * By: LeX-
 * Website:
 * Version: 1.0


Install ::

* Upload pp.php to your forumroot.
* Upload inc/plugins/pp.php to your /inc/plugins/ folder.
* Upload inc/languages/english/pp.lang.php to your /inc/languages/english/ folder.
* Create A Folder [Where The Pictures Will Be] In Your Uploads Directory and CHMOD to 777.

* Go To Your PluginManager And Activate The Profile Picture Plugin.
* Go To Your Settings ... Look Into Profile Picture Settings And Change To Your Needs !.

After Install, a new link will be created in your UCP, under "Change Avatar", there will be "Change Profile Picture" ... click and go ! =P It has the same look as the Change Avatar so won't be that hard to understand how it works Wink And in the memberprofile there will be a new 'table' with the picture in it.
The only thing it doesn't do, is deleting all uploaded profile pics after deactivating.

Link is dead Sad
It's an attachment =P Blame this server ! =/

Edit :: It works !
Thanx LeX- Wink
Thanks works great. Well done.
It works but there seem to be problem with code page Sad
and there's a blank screen when you try to look at somebody's profile.
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It works fine on my site. Are you sure you uploaded all the files corectly?
aha Smile for sure
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leealex Wrote:aha Smile for sure

Do i still have that ACP-access on your board so i can take a look at the templates ?
sure Smile right now you're able to do that
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