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NoobSkills - Gaming Site PLUS Post to Host
Basically my site NoobSkills is for gamers to talk about their gaming experiences and more. By the way, the theme is NOT ripped, i got it from mybbworkshop as you can see on the bottom of the page. Also i allow for people to post to host on my site. These are good deals and i only require a certain amount of posts every month. But please do not post anything that is illegal on your site. You may have an addon domain or a or any other parked / addon domains. My Aim is dweng85 so add me if you want further information.

please comment
Your site looks pretty good but i don't think the theme is appropriate for a gaming site, it seems to cooperate if you know what i mean. Secondly, is there anything in particular that makes your site different from other gaming forums?

Good luck Smile
well this theme is just clean looking and plus it looks very good as well, could you give me any ideas on how to make it any different from other sites? and which other theme should i use?
Well a dark theme like this one might suit

As for making your site different, i don't really go on many gaming forums so i can't really help you out much there. Maybe just as an extension to your post to host idea, you offer a package which included a blog or forum for your gaming clan or group or whatever its called.
cool i'll think about that, i should just create a new category and more forums for the post to host thing and allow support and all. The hosting is very good as well. and i think i might as well just stick with the theme. I might just change a few pictures here and there. But thanks! Big Grin i appreciated all your help Big Grin

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