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Taekwondo Forums
Intro: Brand new Taekwondo related forum.
Forum Link:
Extra Comments: Still under construction. (Still searching for the final logo/header image. Working on a custom theme so using the Afresh Pearl in the meantime.)
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Nice, I like the image customizations
Pic-monster My site does work! You're just visiting wrong url!
I like the theme and the legend plugin.
[Image: 8962_whiteblood.gif]

No racists allowed! White nationalists only!
Really cool to find something great on taekwondo and do some interactions there...
Hey baldi! Smile It looks great Big Grin
yes, very nice site you have there Wink
Coming soon..
Hes created a website for all taekwondo practioners to re-unite them under 1 website, take a look, you dont have to join,

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