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(2010-03-12, 04:25 PM)AliaErenel Wrote: Sorry to bump on old thread but this is actually on topic Smile !
I'm looking for this plugin (warn users of topic's age before answering) and I can't find any info about it; does it exist ? Is it still in dev ? Is it a dead project ? It would be a great addition to MyBB.

to answer your question...yes, Labrocca did develop the plugin you need

However, you need to be a paid subscriber on his site to download it.
(2010-03-13, 11:48 AM)KuJoe Wrote: Touche salesman. This thread is probably the one exception to the rule, but in general my statement holds true. Big Grin
Really now.

As long as we avoid a situation like this: http://endlessparadigm.com/forum/showthr...342&page=1
I personally think bumping threads VS new threads is a personal one, really.
Hihihi... thanx x-Treme. Too bad it's not open-source.

So the answer is there for those who seek it (and so the mods can close the thread) :

Oh, the irony.

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