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Not Solved MIssing images on uploaded themes
Not Solved
New to forum hosting and MyBB.

I have uploaded several themes (the last one is an Afresh variant) and all of them have images that don't work. ALL images come up as not found with the red x. Even when I just tried to changethe logo in the default theme I get the red x.

Any ideas?
Not Solved
When looking at the files in FTP, are all the images there?
Not Solved
They all appear to be there. The last theme I tried to use was Afresh Black. The images were uploaded to images/black and the Image Directory setting in the theme is images/black/

As I said, even if I just try to change the logo file in the default theme by renaming the origional file and replacing it, I get an image placeholder with the red x.

I figured out the problem. All of the files that are uploaded to my new site are only accessable by the owner. I re-permissioned all of the files and folders and the theme works great. Thanks for your help.

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