Discuss: KDE Launches User Forum, Powered by MyBB
(2008-10-13, 09:36 PM)Ryan Gordon Wrote: Validated

Thank you, Ryan. Smile
Yeah its about time KDE uses mybb..., we have been trying to get Ubuntu and Kubuntu to consider using MyBB on the sites as well but so far there has not been strong enough push in that direction. Maybe seeing KDE use it and the new GNU GPL v3 Licensed release will cause some of the other larger OS distros and other OS communities to jump on the MyBB "bandwagon".
MyBB simply rocks. Thats why bigger communities prefer to use MYBB .. With new GNU GPL v3 license .. Everyone will now start using MYBB. Smile
great news..
Yeah, really. Maybe GNU GPL v3 Licensed is the reason why KDE use MyBB. Smile
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Quote:Thats why bigger communities prefer to use MYBB

No disrespect to MyBB, but on what grounds do you base such a statement?
This is really a very good news
Congratulations guys
Really an amazing and well done work
Nice to see KDE using MyBB Smile
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Quote:Thats why bigger communities prefer to use MYBB

I don't think that can be said yet. Maybe....That's why bigger communities are considering to use MYBB.
@ Labrocca
Yes i agree Smile

*to the topic
Hello guys and congrats to MyBB Group on another Success Smile
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I'm new here. I didn't notice MyBB yet, since that announcement. In the short time, I wrote a news at gulli I just got to belove MyBB.
I got a vB Licence - but now I just know very few reasons, why I should use vB. Only the missing Drupal <--> MyBB Bridge is a mainreason to still use vB. I hope a bridge for Drupal is releasing soon.

Greetings from Germany

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