Discuss: KDE Launches User Forum, Powered by MyBB
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Good to hear. Congrats.
Wow that's great. Smile
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I'm happy to hear a big project uses MyBB now, this means really something!
We should be proud of how mybb is growing so fast.
Will the MyBB Group in the future support Jabber?

The KDE Forum has released a Jabber IM Plugin: http://forum.kde.org/showthread.php?tid=3146 .
A big community will use MyBB, officially, isn't it great?! Smile
Glad to see MyBB getting more exposure and hopefully other large communities will start to do so as well Smile.
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I haven't used myBB, but vB, SMF and phpBB. I must say it is really *amazing*. Great to see it at our KDE forums!
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this is nice, and its powered by mybb Wink
Coming soon..

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