Discuss: KDE Launches User Forum, Powered by MyBB
Quote:Glad to see MyBB getting more exposure and hopefully other large communities will start to do so as well

Quote:they've said they're contributing back to the community with plugins etc.

I downloaded MyBB over a week ago and find it to be quite impressive over SMF and phpBB but unfortunately, I have to stick to SMF for my major forum due to the hundreds of available plugins.

Mind you, I'm building a forum for a non-profit organization using MyBB which doesn't need all the multimedia (video embedding) and other bells and whistles SMF "packages" offer.

So, congrats that KDE chose MyBB over other forum packages, hopefully they'll contribute to the development of this great software with a panoply of new plugins, code mods and bug fixes so MyBB can seriously compete against the "big boys".

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Exscuse me but waht is KDE??????????
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I've never even heard of it..lol
Neither do I:d
Well, Linux 101 lesson for you. Smile

In Linux, there really is no GUI (Graphical User Interface) so there are 3 main GUI packages that run on top of the operating system. The main ones are: KDE (K Desktop Environment), GNOME, and X. That's the jist of it.

Now my 2 cents. It's great to see a larger community moving to MyBB. I've been using MyBB on and off for a while now but only recently decided to get into it. I guess it's a good sign when a large group uses it. Next we just have to convert NASA from IPB to MyBB then we'll really have something to brag about Big Grin
Im thinking about switching to the new KDE on my Ubuntu Desktop, it looks immence!
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I'm GNOME fans not KDE

but I'm MyBB fans so, glad to hear the good news..

I hope many other open source project that use forum will stick to MyBB... Smile
And now KDE forums are switch to phpBB. Why?
There's already been two threads on it, no need to discuss it again here too.
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.

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