after searching for hours I spied out, that there isn't any bridge to a CMS, especially for Drupal.

So I'm going to start a project to develop a bridge between MyBB and Drupal. After that perhaps for Joomla and Typo3 too.

Could someone get me some tipps, how to realise that bridge. Any documentation about the API, the DB-Tables, the usermanagement.
People who want to work with us are also welcome.

Kind regards
There is a bridge for Joomla actually Wink. And there is MKPortal how ever not to sure of either of these support of 1.4.

But drupal is a great system and wish you luck. How ever I have no idea how it would work.Undecided
Hi! Nice to see this topic. I started same project some days ago, but found your topic only now. I novice in MyBB but have a lot of expirience with Drupal, but MyBB architecture seems not complex and plugin concepts similar to modules and hooks used in Drupal.
PHP-Fuison and mybb would be a great integration.

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