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It has returned..... [themes + mods]
What's the difference between the commercial version and the free version?
With commercial you can add adverts, and I amworking on a video page aswell for it =]
[Image: logo2ue.png]
A preview of our next released theme has been posted throughout the site. Hopefully theres a lot of fans, and that this theme will be a success.

Check it out, ps: it's above the logo xD
[Image: logo2ue.png]
We need your help!
Help test our new demo site to show off our themes. We are still fixing it, and adding more to it, but opinions etc would be nice.
[Image: logo2ue.png]
The host is currently down due to the closure of our current hosting company. We hope to be back online by monday when we should have successfully moved.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
[Image: logo2ue.png]
Didn't I offer to host you yet?
No, no you didn't. If you would want to host me, I would sure take the offer as I'm not sure where this host is going due to my friend actually paying it to run his site and mines.
[Image: logo2ue.png]
The site looks great.

Good job Wink
Thank you. I am busy getting loads of things ready for Premium. This includes:

Workshop Theme [4-5 Colours]
New Support System
We are launching a whole new Live Support system for the release of Premium subscription. This will help users get the support they need fast. We are however looking for staff to help run our Live Support system.

The users will be given training on how to deal with certain issues and how to use the system which is in place. The Live Support system will be released with Premium soon!

Group Promotion!
To help increase the boost of activity here at the Workshop we have placed a new system in place. Users will now have to post 5 times now to release Free downloads.
The usergroup will change you from the default, 'Registered', to the new group 'Free User'. Popular downloads are 'MyBBoard Professional 2.1' and 'Youtube VideoBox 2.1'.

Premium Subscription
I have now decided upon the rate in which Premium Subscription will cost. It has been decided that Premium will cost, £3.00 GBP for every 1 year. It is a recurring payment so every year it will be renewed unless you cancel.
If you do cancel before the year, your Premium Subscription should still be active.

You could win a free Premium Subscription for a year! We are offering you a free year of subscription for doing a question released later this week.
More information will be released soon!
[Image: logo2ue.png]

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