Quick add buddy in Posts [HELP]
hello, everyone. i am trying to make a small implementation to every thread/post on my forum. so that people can add buddys quickly from the posts.

check the below code out. this is the postbit template. next to the onlinestatus i have added a code. which shows a image and a link to add the buddy that has posted.

							<strong><span class="largetext">{$post['profilelink']}</span></strong> {$post['onlinestatus']}<a href="usercp.php?action=quickaddbuddy&uid={$memprofile['uid']}"><img src="http://www.movie-247.net/images/user_add.png"/></a><br />

there is a slight problem though.
[Image: untitled.JPG]
it is {$post['uid']} not {$memprofile['uid']}

                            <strong><span class="largetext">{$post['profilelink']}</span></strong> {$post['onlinestatus']}<a href="usercp.php?action=quickaddbuddy&uid={$post['uid']}"><img src="http://www.movie-247.net/images/user_add.png"/></a><br />
yea thanks. i already fixed it Toungue
hmm tried it but on my side it doesnt work, the buddy doesnt get added, can you post what you did?

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