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[F] Admincp IPaddress query problem
Sounds like you didn't change the code as described above. Use my described changes and see what happens. I haven't tested Dennis's fix.
labrocca -- thanks for your reply. I had tried Dennis's fix, so I switched it back and tried yours instead. Although it works for the problem of listing a given user's IP addresses, it is not having any impact on my specific problem, i.e. when I search for users who have posted with my IP address (basically reverse of the search you were doing), it shows me everyone. I can swear to you that I do not have some 74 people in my living room, using my IP. Big Grin

With my other projects I wouldn't even be concerned about this, but this particular forum caters to a fanbase that can be a bit vicious with each other, and we need to keep an eye out for trolls and "imposters".
Do a matching search in modcp. From what I can tell the modcp IP searching works fine. And just because you have an IP doesn't mean it's unique. If you have AOL for instance you can share IPs with thousands of others.

Also try do a direct mysql phpmyadmin search. If that pulls up same results then that's the results in admincp.
ModCP search does work properly; I will do my IP searching there.

For reasons I don't understand, I don't have phpmyadmin access on this project. Have it on every other project I have on that server. No answers from my host, either. This has caused me plenty of problems that I don't need, but when do I ever need problems?

Thanks for the help!
You can install lite mysql html controllers on the site.
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
MyBB Group
My fix:

$counter = 0;
	$query = $db->simple_select("posts", "DISTINCT ipaddress", "uid='{$mybb->input['uid']}'");
	while($ip = $db->fetch_array($query))
		$popup = new PopupMenu("id_{$counter}", $lang->options);
		$popup->add_item($lang->show_users_regged_with_ip, "index.php?module=user/users&results=1&action=search&conditions=".urlencode(serialize(array("regip" => $ip['ipaddress']))));
		$popup->add_item($lang->show_users_posted_with_ip, "index.php?module=user/users&results=1&action=search&conditions=".urlencode(serialize(array("postip" => $ip['ipaddress']))));
		$popup->add_item($lang->ban_ip, "index.php?module=config/banning&filter={$ip['ipaddress']}");
		$controls = $popup->fetch();
		$table->construct_cell($controls, array('class' => "align_center"));

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