Hex Box Plugin

between my very old plugins for 1.2, i found Hex Box that i thought to port to MyBB 1.4, Hex Box is a small plugin for easily posting hex data(s).

An example:
[Image: hexhu8.png]

If there is a good demand i could consider publishing this plugin.
What does it accept? A hex dump like:
 AA AA AA AA ...
A hex dump. Wink
Published the plugin
This would be useful for one of those low level programming forums, or where people deal with data formats (I.e. files, network protocols, etc.) and if such a plugin existed I would install it on my forum. Though I don't know how much use it would get, it would be nice to have.

Edit: I just noticed you published the plugin...
[Image: LogoO.png]
Yes i published the plugin. Smile

I made time ago this because i needed that for a project. Wink
a neat idea
[Image: 350x19.jpg][Image: tstargermany.png]

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