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[F] Mysql 4.0.27 install problems
Are you guys sure mybb 1.4.2 is compatible with that old of a mysql version. There is a person I am trying to help install mybb and well..90 minutes later and a lot of my own frustration I have figured out that the way the install is writen won't work with this version as far as I can tell. It seems there are character encoding issues at the least.

Certain information used from the connection like "type" aren't getting passed so I have to assume it's a mysql version issue.

Is this tested on that old a version?

Found someone stating this:

Character sets and collation were added in MySQL 4.1. They won’t work in 4.0.

That breaks the install if that's the case and I am finding it to be true:

Quote: if($success && $this->db_encoding)
$this->query("SET NAMES '{$this->db_encoding}'");
if($write_success && count($this->connections) > 1)
$this->write_query("SET NAMES '{$this->db_encoding}'");

Won't get past that at all. I tried SET CHARACTER SET but that said none of the character set wasn't recognized. More info to come as I work on this. get this to install I had to comment the above SET NAMES lines and also this line:

return " CHARACTER SET {$this->db_encoding} COLLATE {$collation}";

Then it installed. I am not sure what side effects this will have though. This should be immediately corrected because some are reporting this blank page install and this is why.

One line 1240 there is an error_reporting set to '0' right after the database instructions. So that's why page is blank and no one can report the error. Another thing that imho should be corrected. Hard enough when new users can't explain an error but even worse when they don't even recieve one. It's just a blank page.

So thanks for reading. I will watch this thread for replies.


Confirmed at mysql that indeed 4.0 doesn't properly support these commands.
In the installation procedure

// Decide if we can use a database encoding or not
	if($db->fetch_db_charsets() != false)
		$db_encoding = "\$config['database']['encoding'] = '{$config['encoding']}';";
		$db_encoding = "// \$config['database']['encoding'] = '{$config['encoding']}';";

So then fetch_db_charsets must be incorrectly returning true

function fetch_db_charsets()
		if($this->link && $this->get_version() < 4.1)
			return false;

Do we need to to a version_compare because multiple decimals won't work properly with the arithmetic comparison operator?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
MyBB Group

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