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Testing 1.2.14 before upgrading to latest version
I've not upgraded my board yet because I want to make sure everything works OK first. (tbh I'm dead scared of messing my board up)
After successfully upgrading on a local version I then tried the upgrade on a live test board. I messed it up so deleted the board ready to reinstall 1.2.14, load my back-up and then start all over again. My problem is I can't get past the Database configuration page. Every time I do so I get a 404 error.
Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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Did you change all the directories and cookie settings accordingly on the live test board?
(10-25-2008, 10:45 AM)rh1n0 Wrote: Did you change all the directories and cookie settings accordingly on the live test board?

Not sure what you mean rh1n0, sorry if I am being a bit thick. I deleted the board and am trying to install a brand new 1.2.14 board
I've just tried to install 1.2.14 again and I am still getting a 404 error after database configuration page. not found. Yet I've checked and the file is there. I've even tried re-uploading the files to no avail. I'm not sure what to try next.
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Can you paste the exact error you're getting here?
Dennis Tsang
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Sorry but I seem to be posting with the same problem twice. I've responded here...
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I am offering upgrade support for cheap if you need it. I know the upgrade can be a difficult process for those unfamiliar and doing it just one time. I can guarantee upgrade without loss of data. I can certainly help you free here in the forums but if you want it just done with...let me know.

It's hard to tell what your problem is without FTP. Also can you tell us your mysql and php versions? There has been reported problems with mysql 4.0 (old version). imho you should just be going to 1.4.2 it's well worth.

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