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Uh, Hi!

Yeah, i just finished my forum ( but im open for suggestions )


It is a Computers/General Forum

I Know there are a bit too many forums on it,

so, i would love to hear some suggestions on what forums i should have on it!


Im currently hiring:

1 Admin,
1 Mod,
1-3 Developers ( GFX Artists, Web Designers )

yeahm tell me what you think!

Heres the link again:

Thanks Big Grin
Quote:I Know there are a bit too many forums on it

I agree for the amount of Members so far.

Quote:Ban Appeals
Been banned, But did nothing to deserve it? Post your Appeals here!

So if anyone is banned from your forum they can still post? I don't understand that one at all, if you're going to ban someone don't let them post, but let them have the opportunity of contacting you suggesting why they don't deserve the "ban"! There should be no forum for "banned" Members!

Quote:Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations are posted here, read them to prevent yourself from bring banned

Another forum I have yet to understand why ANYONE would create. Let's face it, when registering to any forum you have text showing pretty much what the rules and regulations are for that particular forum. That "page" can be edited to just what/how you want your forum to be run as far as rules/regulations are concerned, why have such a "forum" showing at all!

In the "Rules" post...

Quote:Do not post any explicit content
MacroBoards does not except any of this sort of stuff as there are younger users on the forum.

One of the words posted is wrong, I've helped a little above. Smile

Seriously and IMO, if I was you I'd take a real good look over the whole forum created...the forum "set up", and the text content of the forum.
Thank you very much for the suggestions!

i will fix it up the errors, get rid of the "Banned Members Forum", but i dont think i will post the rules post, mainly because, most members that join, do not read the rules before joining.

so, just in case i will keep it there.
ohh, sorry, i misread the part about the rules forum!

yeah, i will get rid of the forum, but put it as an everlasting announcement.

does that sound better?
I'm not sure what you mean by an everlasting announcement, but to me any "rules/regulations" post shouldn't be necesary.
Ohh, i mean as the rules post as an announcement on every forum..

I just want my users to be informed. because as i said earlier, some people dont read the rules before they sign up.
(2008-10-31, 01:09 AM)lufbra Wrote: I'm not sure what you mean by an everlasting announcement, but to me any "rules/regulations" post shouldn't be necesary.

I'm going to have to disagree with you here.

How would you suggest I work this in somewhere else?
Quote:Rules and Announcements
In this forum you can find the Beywiki Forums rules and any official announcements!

I see the above at your forum Bey, to me the Announcements part is fine. you just don't need the Rules part of it, nor should other forums have it.

Let me put it to you this way. if I was to register to your forum the first page I'd see is this...

That page sets out the rules/regulations of your forum, the idea being that potential Members read and abide by that!

IMHO no forum set up should be having to waste space by adding a forum stating the rules of the forum, when it's already stated when someone registers. Put it another way, if they don't read the "rules" when registering, what chance is there that they'd read a "forum post" of the same thing?

Once again this is just an IMHO, showing rules posts on forums could potentially scare future Members away!!
Going to have to disagree. Most registration agreements are legal mumbo-jumbo that most people simply skip over. Having a rules post allows people to check the rules at any point in time and allows staff to refer to it in a scenario where there is confusion.
That's fine, you're welcome to your disagreement...When registering to forums I've read the "agreements" part of them (which to me has all the rules/regulations). As for folks checking the rules at any point in time through a forum link....Be honest, how often do you think that'd happen?

Just an IMHO!
Too many forums Sad
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member

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