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Okey well i have used this for about 3 days now seems pretty good so far.

Only thing it needs more of is mods and skins.

Its much better then Phpbb and i guess in time it might take over Invision and vBulletin

Best of luck and nice job.
Thank you for your comments. Its true that MyBB needs more mods/plugins and skins, as soon as I finish a plugin I'm working on, and upgrade the rest of my old RC4 mods, I'll be back to creating quality, highly requested mods/plugins for users.

As MyBB grows, and gets more features that compete with the "big dogs" (IPB and vB) such as AJAX, and a WYSIWYG editor, more people with good knowledge of PHP/XHTML will come and start making mods/plugins/themes.

So in the mean time, if you know someone who uses phpBB or another free one, try to convince them to use MyBB.
More mods definitely. I already expressed it here:

As for skins... using a default custom skin is about as bad as using an out of the box skin. Both need personalizing, so... I'm not much worried about skins as I am mods. Not much activity on the mod-making front here. - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
Well, stay tuned because I've updated several of my mods from RC4 to PR2, and if all goes well, you'll be seeing a brand new plugin from me later today. Big Grin

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