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Warcraft Forums - Best of the Best
#1 - was just started but so far so good, I am hoping to hold a contest soon but we will see how that works with the amount of members we currently have. So far we are small but I hope we will continue to strive to grow to exceed being just another small WoW community.


also tell me what you think.. besides that the logo sucks Big Grin
[Image: banner.gif]
Well the logo sucks Toungue.

But I would say you need to finish the theme. The links menu doesn't fit in at all with the rest of it. Also maybe put a gradient or texture behind the logo and (omg I can't think of it, the thing that goes Forum Name / Category / Forum / Thread Title) so it's not just a big area of black.

Other than that I wish you luck in the area of all the WoW forums out there now.
i like the template, way to much forums to begin with, make so of them subforums.
Yea, thought about it but was unsure.. DONE Smile
[Image: banner.gif]

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