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Flight Sim Forums
Ok, the banner is changed!
[Image: SIG2-1.png]
Main logo is not showing for me. I like the theme, Justin makes some nice themes. Other than that, I would have less forums starting out. Smile
Thanks, kruzzen, but I need that many forums because I don't want to start jamming, so when we get big we won't be moving topics for years. The main logo is at the top left, could you not see it? It looks exactly like the banner.

[Image: SIG2-1.png]
It may me this work computer. Its so out of date it aint funny and there is coal dust all over it LOL. If you gotta keep all the boards, just make sure all of them stay active Smile Fill them with posts...
Great idea! We just made an affiliate deal, so hopefully in a few weeks when it's final I will get more members! Big Grin
What do you see?
[Image: SIG2-1.png]
Red x on the left.
Must be your computer like you said, I hope. (ruben ponders)
[Image: SIG2-1.png]
I love flight simulator and I like this forum but I think you need a more appropriate theme like sky blue or something. Also I think you need a paid domain as once forums get around 500 posts then that's really what you wanna do.
[Image: 8962_whiteblood.gif]

No racists allowed! White nationalists only!

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