WordBB - WordPress / MyBB integration
This is a fork of the old discontinued WP/MyBB project.
You can find more information at http://valadilene.org/projects/wordbb.
The plugin is still not released but you can find updates on that website.

This is what the current project page says:

valadilene.org Wrote:wordbb

WordBB is an integration between the blogging platform WordPress and the bulletin board system MyBB.
It is composed of two parts: a plugin for WordPress and a plugin for MyBB.

WordBB’s main feature is creating a thread for each blog post in a particular section, so that the forum can be used as a replacement to the blog comment system. The WordPress side handles situations such as post editing and deletion. Similarly, the MyBB side takes account of the thread actions which are reflected on the corresponding WordPress post.

WordBB also handles user merging, which allows linking between WordPress authors and MyBB users. In this way, when a blog post gets published, a thread is automatically created by the correct user.

WordBB does everything behind the scene and doesn’t require any code modification or hack: just install the plugin and in a few seconds it will be up and running.
Moreover it is fully customisable, AJAX powered and fits nicely in WordPress’s admin panel controls and style. WordPress and MyBB can run on different databases and even on different servers.
Nice can't wait for it.
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Nunquam Redono
I'll wait for it... how is the actual progress, how far are you? Smile
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Great great news!
We all waiting for you, and support you ! Big Grin
Nice Big Grin
SWEET!! I have been waiting for an update to this for a LONG time. THANKS!!
im waiting !!!
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Can't wait Toungue
Any idea on how long this is gonna take? I just want to figure out if I should wait or move on to something else.
2 days since last edit of the author, I don't know...
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