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[F] CAPTCHA login protection bug [R] [C-Rcpalace]
It's there for security and only shows in this instance if you enter an incorrect password a few times, to prevent a brute force attack.
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(2009-04-15, 10:05 PM)Tom Loveric Wrote: Obviously if your an admin we know that you're not a robot. Normal users do just to prevent spam bots from coming in and creating accounts. Obviously since they're robots, they can't read the images, hence - they can't fill in the captcha; which means they can't register.

Err that's upon registration though. When login in it should be the same with admins as it is with Normal users as you don't know if it's a bot trying to use the admins account or otherwise. And do you really think a bot would enter his account information wrong upon signin in? 0o I really don't think so.
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