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[F] CAPTCHA login protection bug [R] [C-Rcpalace]
Hi All.
try to login with fake password 3 times (with correct username)
the CAPTCHA will appear.
enter the code correctly and correct username, with fake password.
then, (the 5th time) there will be no CAPTCHA at all.
and if you entered correct username and password you will asked for the CAPTCHA code, and you will be unable to login because you don't see the CAPTCHA box at all.
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What's your max login attempt settings set to?
it's set to 5
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Then they should be locked out at five, which it looks like it is doing.
let me explain it with another way.
1- login 3 times with correct username (to increase the login attempts in the db) and with fake password.
2- the 4th time you will see the CAPTCHA image insert the code correctly and the same username with fake password.
3- you will still have one time allowed to try again and login, but this time you will not see the CAPTCHA image, and even if you inserted the correct username and password you will be unable to login and you will get this error.
"Please fill out the image verification code to continue the login process. Please enter the code exactly how it appears in the image."
and you will unable to login permanently until you edit your user account manually in the database and reset the login attempts to 0.
thats why I see it as bug, because you must still see the CAPTCHA to enter it's code and being able to login.
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I wonder if this is the same problem I just posted about here.

The users in question didn't mention how many times they tried to login, just that it's asking for them to enter the Captcha code without showing the code or input box.
[Image: vqApN3l.gif]
yes it's the same problem.
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Indeed it is. My user says he entered the wrong password 4 times (he had capslock on) and then the 5th time it asked him to enter the captcha, except it didn't display the captcha at all. I have my max login attempts set at 0, which should disable it.
[Image: vqApN3l.gif]
I'm locked out of a test forum.

[Image: lock.gif]

The captcha does work for registration.

EDIT: Believe it or not, I restarted my computer, and got the captcha one time, then the login still failed (not sure why), and now the captcha is gone again.

EDIT #2: Using the back button on my browser, I was able to get the captcha to appear again. Login successful, this time.

EDIT #3: Now I'm locked out based on username, not IP, and there is a bug with the new captcha.
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i'm facing the exact same problem..

user contact me that he tries to login, but sees no captcha image :ß

funny thing is:
she wrote me before and i manually changed her login password,nevertheless she's not able to login Sad

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