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AdminQuest Community
I think you have a great site, not just sayen, but since everyone else is givineg you a hard time, i'll give you a positive point of view.

lets see...

Your very formal and productive 10/10

Logo is pretty good actually 10/10

Activity, better then mine so I guess I'll give you 8/10, it aint crowded but very active forums it would seem.

Buttons and portals are really good, they blend in with the color. 10/10


9.5/10 Awesome!
I wont say anymore, but I think some intend to give people a hard time :p You just learn to ignore those types of folks. The logo is cheap though but better than others I have made LOL I just am not good with graphic design LOL

Thank you for the wonderful review. Your feedback and suggestions are very important Smile
If you want to use only letters, there are few more beautiful fonts (To make your forum more professional) look here

You can also give some effects using graphics programs like Photoshop or GIMP (Free program) both are easy to use and good.
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I find it difficult to use GIMP but thats cuz I am dumb LOL I will look into it though...

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