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[F] Topic title bug (phpbb2)
I decided to try out the MyBB 1.4 converter on a phpbb2 forum that I currently administrate just to see if it will work correctly or not. I have found a bug.

In a topic title, it failed to display the " correctly and displays " instead.

You can see what I mean by the attachments that I added to the post. I outlined them in red.

Looks like the converter escaped the html twice. I'll take a look at it and give you a fix. However, if you don't want to go through the entire process of the converter, you can edit the title and change it to what it should have been.
Best Regards.
This bug has been fixed in the latest version of the MyBB Merge System.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update for the MyBB Merge System will be released which contains this fix.

With regards,
The MyBB Group

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