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k776 Wrote:IPB (invsion power board) got greedy and now only offer update of their forum to paying customers.
They didin't get greedy. They are a company. It's their product- their decision.

They can do whatever they want with it...
yeah, but they got so many people downloading it that they wanted to get some money from each of them (greedy Toungue )

And yes, they can do what they want, cause myBB is one of the ones people are coming to Big Grin
I have to agree with Raymond... greedy is a strong word. It can be argued as much as anyone wants but according to the dictionary, greed is defined as "excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain." They aren't really looking to excessively make money. It's not really possible for a person (or group of people) to give up all of their time without making any money. If Chris were to give up his job to develop MyBB full time I'd bet he'd want to start charging. (I'm NOT saying Chris is going to charge, though Toungue)
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I know this thread is really old but I just wanted to add something in here. I had a quote of how much invision made before they went to fully paid. Im not going to say how much a month from that point in time but lets just say it was a 5 figure number. Thats only in 1 (ONE) month... You guys are telling my they arent being greedy. If I remember correctly that figure wasnt including the hosting income either. Oh well, Im done with invision, I dont really have a site to develop anymore, so no need for a forum or anything like that. Right now, Im working with Complicated on a few things, I'm not going into details about any of that though.
How do they earn if they have not went to fullypaid?

By donations or advertisements?
lol IPB sucks by my point of view, its powerful yes but who is going to pay that much, apart from big buisnesses, but why go IPB when you can go Mybb, where mybb even has code from IPB
Where do you get that MyBB has code from IPB?
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willow Wrote:lol IPB sucks by my point of view, its powerful yes but who is going to pay that much, apart from big buisnesses, but why go IPB when you can go Mybb, where mybb even has code from IPB
invision doesnt mean anything to me anymore anyway, They banned my account because i flipped out on Matt Mecham, and they blocked me. LOL... I tried calling charles, and then I tried emailing support, and neither could help me. CHARLES of all people could not help me, lol... He is partial owner of IPS and STILL couldnt help unblock my account. He said he didnt know the reason for my account being blocked and that he would look into it and get back to me within one business day. Well, he never did.. I hope they dont do that to their paying customers, lol... I know if I was ever a partial owner of a company like that, that I would NEVER not return a customers call with a follow-up of a situation... Wait, technically I am partial owner of a company, so ive been told. Smile

I dunno, but to this day I havnt been unbanned. I was banned about a year and a half ago, and i called Charles about a year ago, and just recently emailed invision support. lol... get this thou, if your not a customer there is pretty much no point in emailing invision support about a forum account. All of their support emails are bunched into their customer tickets, and the only way to access the response is to log into the customer section of their site, and then go into their help desk. So my account is like banned for ever.. I dont really care thou, the only thing i would really do on invisions forums really would be post a bunch of stupid things... So, its pointless. lol.. unless of course they unbanned my account and i was still in the Resource Group. Which has access to special sections of the forum and site. No need for me anymore, as I am no longer with NBSDesignz.

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