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My Final myBB Project : Webmaster Forums
I have made my final myBB project, and said Hey, why don't I combine it with my webhost! (Not the webring) So I added a webmaster section to my BestHost Support Forums. I am having a nice banner being worked on as we speak. Yes, Lufbra, Bey Brad, and all those guys, this is my last myBB project.

Hope you like it Wink
Dude, I don't understand you at all one bit!!

One of your last posts here at MyBB was...

Quote:RE: FREE Webhosting + Forums : The Webring
I'm not making any more sites. All I have left to work on is SMFFree and DynaHost, which I've both owned for a long time now, but yeah, probably no more myBB boards

Posted here...

Here's links to other sites/forums you've already "created"...

One of them shows a "suspended" page, the others contain absolutely no content at all! What's the point in creating a forum each week that's going to do nothing!?

I'm sorry Dude106 but I just don't understand what your logic is here, you keep creating forums that aren't doing anything!!
One big problem. Are you a web host or a Webmaster forum? It looks like you're a little bit of both but their is no hosting signup. No wonder none of your websites make it anywhere, you've done a good job but you really need to stick to one topic.
Good Luck,
Best Regards.
Well, I'm both. As for The Webring, I have yet to discuss why my account was terminated when I follow the TOS...
woot default theme
Very nice site. Wink
(2008-12-07, 04:08 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: woot default theme

And MyBB 1.2.

MyReactions - All Plugins

Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
Well, Default Theme, soon with a new banner, also I've modified the CSS on it, and MyBB 1.2's CSS system is much easier than the one of 1.4. Thanks Rocko, good to have you there Wink
(2008-12-07, 03:12 PM)Dude106 Wrote: Well, Default Theme,


Quote:soon with a new banner,

*no comment*

Quote:also I've modified the CSS on it,

Wow, you changed the background color. Amazing.

Quote:and MyBB 1.2's CSS system is much easier than the one of 1.4.

MyBB 1.2's CSS editor is more confusing than 1.4's.

Quote:Thanks Rocko, good to have you there Wink

*no comment*

Overall grade: Phail. ("fail" for those who don't know what phail is)
The effort you place is in direct relation to the success of the site. Saying you think you placed the correct effort in launching that site?

Good luck.

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