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Free MyBB Hosting
I don't quite like the design, but the overall way you used the script is okay.

Best of luck. Though like I said, add more pages, like staff recognition, features, plugin recognition, stuff like that. Big Grin
(12-09-2008, 09:22 PM)Dude106 Wrote: I don't quite like the design

Says he who adored the default theme Toungue
MyReactions - All Plugins

Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
OH ****!
Quote:Copyright 2008-2009
You might wanna change that!

.........You make people pay 5 USD for a DB backup?
I'll stick with webringamerica in that case....
5 USD for unlimited backups, not "a backup" Wink

and thanks... for that BRUTAL typo catch... it's been fixed. (maybe edit your post to excluding it Toungue)
Eek, background hurts my eyes. Toungue
Also, might wanna upload your own logo in the forums. Best of luck to you!
[Image: logo.png]
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Sorry, I hate these sort of sites, they ruin MyBB.

Quote:Says he who adored the default theme

Hahaha...No, I meant the website theme. Forums are okay.
Great idea for a site, I'm actually setting something like this on my site.

Say someone register name is: Dude106
THen they'd get i'm buying a new domain for it just using the one i got now for example, still thinking of names) and it will come with an install so they can have a many site/profile(similar to myspace just less gay)

Great idea though Big Grin might add this to mine also Big Grin but of course everything would be free ;p
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