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Cross Games MMORPG Guild - myBB Forum Site

I'm new here so I've few to show about my own works but I'm glad to have made the choice of myBB due it's really faster to learn and personalise.
The forum is a little one made as space for users of my main forum.
Before it was made with phpbb platform but it was really boring perfrm maintenance and personalisation.
When I decided to try myBB I finally found my dimension and in less than 2 days I set it up with portal too.
The theme is based on BlackBB but I've performed several little fixes on the interface.
The public side of the forum is little due the main and most important part is for guild members only, but I think that it may give a good idea of the forum.

I hope that you'll like it: Cross Games MMORPG Guild Site

Now I'm trying to put a WYSIWYG reply box following the guides present here I hope to learn in few how to make MODS to release a simple installer for v1.4.4

Looks good. I like the theme but you should edit the forum markers to maybe something that would suit the focus of your community (say like a sword, etc).
[Image: aso_banner.png]
Nice design, I especially like the header though. All around it looks awesome. Ads Free Web Hosting
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Thanks a lot mates ^_^ I'm glad to know that you like it.

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