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greek encoding
Hey there.. im trying to convert a phpbb2 board to mybb..

the phpbb forum has greek characters and when im trying to convert it to myBB all characters, forums and post dont look greek!

I tried to install mybb with ISO greek encoding, and they looked like "????????"
then i tried to install with utf-8 and still there where no greek characters...

Anything else i could do?
You need to convert to a UTF-8 MyBB database.
I have made an installation of mybb in utf-8 and then ran the convertor.. No greek characters..

its phpbb2 im trying to convert, so im not sure IF it uses utf-8..

maybe you can be more specific?

Please make sure your phpBB 2 and MyBB 1.4 board are both in UTF-8 before you run the merge system
i have done that...
the phpbb database was something else than utf-8 ... I converted the db to utf-8 via phpmyadmin but still nothing...

anything else?

The database may be UTF but I think you will need to convert the data as well. I am going through a similar issue going from latin1 to UTF. Here is the article I used as a guide:

I have not however tested to see if this allows the converter to run, I am about to try it again.
never mind...
There isnt a greek translation for mybb anyway so i wont be needing to convert...
the is a greek translation but not finished 100%. Δεν την υπογραφή μου
I did some tests about UTF convertion with Greek characters. In the beginning i thought it was the database due it was an smf db, but did a new phpBB forum and didnt change anything.
I tried to import to 1.2 with RC3 convert same results again, I tested with BETA converter to 1.4 same problem here too.
Please tikitiki check this issue. I have stuck with phpBB and I want badly to convert to myBB

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