MyBB SDK / API / collection of functions / website integration class
So basically I just want to ask if there is anything like that out there.
I have used the search at its extent for keywords like sdk, api, integration, but all I can see is requests.

I just want to know if I have to write one myself or if there is an existing one
A simple "No" would have been sufficient

Free software is not that fast in support, you know it - the most times I´ve got help here was done by a few people that don´t show up everyday, but I´m thankfull to them anyway
It's not what I meant.
I rather meant something like IPBWI for IPB, or SSI.php for SMF.
Thanks for the link though.

Anyway, I will write one myself then.
Ok, you´re welcome Wink
Most functions are defined in inc/functions.php

For integration, it really depends on what you want to do. In either case, you should have a reasonable knowledge of PHP.
I have a reasonableknowledge of PHP, which is the reason I will most likely dedicate myself to such an SDK
Okay, so I have been working on the class the past days and I have just come across a problem I cannot solve alone it seems.
I want to get the login status of the user, but there are following problems:
- $mybb->cookies['sid'] changes constantly each time you refresh???
- $mybb->user['uid'] is 0 even though I'm logged in
- $mybb->cookies contain different cookies when showing them while viewing the actual board than when you remotely include global.php ( if you print_r $mybb->cookies in the Session Class init() )

Can somebody help me on the MyBB procedure on how to fetch the Login Status? It would save me quite time, otherwise I will need to look into it some other day. Also, I ddo prefer to stick to the MyBB code rather than to compose something on my own, which might not be compatible with following versions of MyBB.
Thanks in advance - If I'm done, I will definitely publish this Website Integration Class.

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