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Doom Designs bby boo
Yo my name is Tony, I'm a 18 year old Graphic Designer and Web Designer. I run a Graphics forums(mybb of course). I'm chill i love doing graphics so if you need any let me know.

So My Forums.
We do web/graphic designs for pay(We're cheap) I do get business already just starting a forums now. So i will be looking for graphics designers to help manage the forums also if you're interested in learning Big Grin I'll be finishing the forum etc tonight sometime soon. So come chill Big Grin
Come :3
[Image: doomsig_2.png]
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Your link doesn't work.
Problem fixed, also i switched everything to
[Image: doomsig_2.png]
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Not Found

The requested URL /forums was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Both in the link you gave and

So yeah I don't think it's fixed.
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Your layout on the website portion is sick as hell. In comparison, your forum skin sucks. Make one yourself.
Yeah i already had one made lol just making the rest of it Big Grin It's almost done now so i'll let u know when it is Big Grin
[Image: doomsig_2.png]
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Try making the homepage a little more useful as well as have a good flowing design through out the entire site. I disregard sites that have a surprise theme every page I go, it's a sign of unprofessional quickly built and put together website.
Let us know when you get the new design up, will be waiting to see what you've got. Big Grin
Best Regards.
Yeah just updated/changed my portal:

also did some work on the theme:

im gonna work on
next, it's gonna have the same theme/look/layout as the others so it matches Big Grin i'll let u guys know when it's fully done so i can see what ya think
[Image: doomsig_2.png]
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dude that header on your forums are wayy too huge

your splash is too big as well

the layout you had up with the greys and whites looked much better than all this ...
I feel sorry for the dialup users who want to view your site. Sad

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