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fatal error: resources/output.php
Using 1.4.4 and the snapshot Merge system on a fresh install, when I select SMF 1.x and go to the next screen, it's still fine. On the next one after that, I get the following error after what is the normal text for the window:

Please enter the database details for your installation of SMF 1 you want to merge from.

Fatal error: Class 'DB_SQLite' not found in /home/cmill303/public_html/mybb144/convert/resources/output.php on line 478

Found it in Fixed Bug Reports - It was not fixed in the file in the snapshot, so I had to do it to proceed:

SQLite doesn't use the DB_SQLite2 class and causes an error.

Fixed by changing line 381 to
'class' => 'DB_SQLite2',

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Yes, the svn snapshot will be updated once I have time to confirm and fix some SMF bugs

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