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Michael83's Mods & Themes
Hi Michael !

First of all, thanks a lot for your Mods ! They're very helpful !

I just wanted to know if it was possible to add button in the thread writing who could automaticly insert the wikipedia tags.

It would be very helpful !
Thanks again,

Great plugins Michael.
I have pjirc plugin running no probs.
But I would like just the applet to pop up not the whole page.
Is there an easy fix to this??
look very nice Michael

Is it possible for the 1.1 Overview 3.0.4 mod, to limit the latest posts/threads to a sinlge forum or category instead of the forums globally?
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i use mod overview 3.0.4, Unicode displayed mistake??? fix ntn? help me

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very good congratulations if you created it your, if you were not your, that xD has. Wink
Just a note for anyone who can't see their add's after installing the ads after first post plugin.

Make sure that {$seperator} is being called from the postbit template for your theme.
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Thanks again MrDoom for finding it out. Smile
i just translate your adsafp plug in to turkish... i hope it will be usefull for turkish people..
.zip (Size: 1.79 KB / Downloads: 90)

good work.. thx for plug in
Michael83 Wrote:1. Mods

1.3 Clear Database 1.3
MyBB 1.2.x

Deletes old informations from the database automatically.



This link is broken !
404 - Document Not Found

Uh-oh, the page that you requested was not found on this server.

I want this plugin, please. Can you upload it again !?
Under Construction until December 2, 2007

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