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[Release/Update] CPress (ACP Theme)
(2009-06-28, 12:57 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: This one came first but I wouldn't have thought either was based of the other one.
This theme looks more like it's "based off" of WordPress' Admin CP, than anything.
Mmm, is not free Sad

Is very nice Wink
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It is free... Confused
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
Installed. Thanks a lot.
This is great, thanks! I'm going to install right away!
This hasn't, nor will it, be upgraded for 1.6. I no longer work with MyBB.
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My bad, I failed to read the post dates... a fail on my part, eh?
Very nice job! Big Grin
This is awesome...
I'm awfully sorry about necro-posting in a year old thread, but I'm wondering if it works with the current version?

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