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#1 just opened today and it ready for member, I have been working on it for a few days getting the skins addons and ads up.

I need a Staff member or two if there are any people interested in the positions that would be great. Just Send me a PM.

I have a Chat and the forums up, I plane on put thing more up in the near Future to help out with Web Host advertisement.

if you own a Web Host or are staff at a host feel free to join and make an advertisement. If You could please help me advertise the forum and I can make you a Special Group for Special privileges at the forum.

So i think thats it.
Looking for help and not support, PM me. 
Best of Luck this this Deathstarr
Thanks Tazfan, Good to know that i have your support. I wish our deal could have worked out.
Looking for help and not support, PM me. 

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