Suggest a plugin..
A page that shows all threads with unread posts.

I have already searched for it before.
I have two requests if at all possible.

I'd like to see a plugin that will automatically create a new predefined "Welcome" post when a new user registers or their account is activated by an Admin. I know they have one for SMF if that helps.

I'd also like to see a plugin that will display on the forums for an Admin when a new account is waiting to be activated. For example it would say "There are N new accounts awaiting activation." and when you click on that it will take you to the User Group for Awaiting Activation so you can approve their account.
The first plugin you requested already exists in the Mods Section. Try searching for "Welcome message".

And as for the second one, I'll look into it and see if I'd like to do it or not.

I searched for that and I didn't seem to find it from the list it returned. Do you happen to know the name of it or have a link to it? Thanks.
I found a different version of the "welcome message" plugin, and it automatically sends a Private Message to a user when they register and activate their account. View it here. Also, I'll keep looking for that other plugin for you.
Alrighty, I found the plugin for you. My mistake, it was called "post on registration" not "welcome message" Rolleyes View it here.
I already have that one. I am looking for one that posts an actual topic on the boards welcoming a new member. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
Nice! Thanks buddy!
No problem. Glad I could helpSmile
You wouldn't want to tweak the SpiceFuse Shoutbox plugin so it gives the Admin the option to add the Shoutbox to every page instead of just the Index under the Configuration options would you? Smile

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