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techURway - Great place for tech/advertising
Okay guys,

I recently opened up a new technology related website. We have just launched the community forums, and continue to advertise. We have a promo going on for free domains, 3domains to the top 3 posters with no spam, and one to whom advertises the most with the most link clicked (comes with a private registration as well). We offer a Radio Show, Podcast, and more to come!

techURway - our community forums.

Also for a special price $2 for 4months of advertising is going on, on our main page so check that out if interested.

Replies of reviews are welcome, and if interested in the listed above let me know.
So what is this site about? O_o;
Looks like an exercising website using technology.
(12-16-2008, 04:51 PM)rcpalace Wrote: Looks like an exercising website using technology.

Well the website is for technology related. We allow advertising on it as well. We have a youtube, podcast, radio we are working on so there is a lot to offer.
Your logo makes it seem like it's an exercise ring. I think if you change the style to a dark to medium blue (the colors most tech sites use), and have the logo changed to something more related, you'll have a very good chance of getting out there.
Good luck,
Best Regards.
Yeah but we went different, as most are like that... The guy represents "his" way... Which in the website would represent "your" way.

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