Timezone/DST Correction
Admin CP > Board Settings > Change > Date and Time Formats > Default Timezone Offset
Let me expand on this a little bit as I think there are two issues here:

When a user goes to register, by default, the offset defaults to
-12:00. I'd like to default to -8 with DST correction on. Also, as a side note here, when you go to select -8, the time shown there is NOT corrected for DST time and I'd like it to be. I figured out how to make the DST box checked by default however Smile

Second, when guests are using the system it also shows the time without DST correction enabled. If there was a way to force DST correction to be enabled for everyone, unless they disable it at registration or in the User CP, this would undoubtly solve most of my issues except the defaulting to -12:00 at registration which I'm sure I'll figure out before long. I've got it set at -8 in Admin options but it makes no change to the default in registration.

Ok. I'm not usre if this was worked on before or after rev.686, but I went through a few bugs regarding this issue with Chris, and he fixed a few things. From what I can see, it works just fine on my local copy. Wait until the next revision or release, test it, and if it still happens, bump this thread.

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