Not Solved ZenPhotoBB - Image Gallery for MyBB 1.4!
Not Solved
An update is available!
The first ever gallery for MyBB 1.4!

* Filename: ZenPhoto & Your MyBB Theme
* Filetype: Gallery and Theme
* Version: 0.2.4
* Author: Ryan Stewart
* website:

* Hello and welcome to the Read Me!
* Now you have downloaded this file, you have signed a virtual contract to follow the license
* found at our wiki.

* Files in this Release...
* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* /albums
* /cache
* /themes
* /.htaccess
* /index.php
* /lighttpd_rules.conf
* /rss.php
* /rss-comments.php

* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* The files in this release assume that your MyBB installation is located in ./ and the
* gallery in ./gallery

* If your forum is in ./forum/ and you want your gallery in ./gallery follow these instructions
* - Locate to gallery/themes/default/
* - Open the file, themeinclude.php
* - Delete the code and paste the one below;

/* Theme Include
* Created by Ryan Stewart
* For use on MyBB 1.4
define("IN_MYBB", 1);
require_once "../forum/global.php";

* - Change the /forum/ to the directory of your forum.
* - Run the installation found below...

* Installation...
* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Upload the ./gallery folder to your root directory.
* -> Locate to
* -> Follow the installer
* -> For admin username and password, use your MyBB account

* Installation done!
* By default the gallery should instantly integrate with your forums.

Quote:- Internationalization/localization
- Multi-lingual titles and descriptions
- Plugin system
- Slideshow
- Automatically generated thumbnails, custom crops possible!, and sized-down images
- Upload via FTP or via the admin interface
- Move/copy/rename images and albums without loosing any data
- Upload images, albums (folders) or even zip-archives
- Comments on images and albums with powerful spam filters
- AJAX-powered edit-while-you-browse
- Sub albums; interface for moving/renaming images and albums.
- Video support for Flash Video (.flv), MPEG4 (.mp4), Quicktime (.mov) and 3GP (.3gp)
- Audio support for MP3 and MP4
- Password protection for gallery and albums
- EXIF and IPTC support
- Watermarks for images
- Powerful search with boolean expressions
- Tags: Categorize you images with tags
- Image and album rating
- Dynamic albums: Generate albums from searches!
- Highly customizable theme engine
- RSS for gallery, albums and comments
- Multiple administrative users with varying rights
- Cruft free, search engine friendly URLs with mod_rewrite
- Automatically installs into MyBB template

Not Supported
Quote:- Doesn't support User Registration

Next Version
Quote:- Possibly User Registration and Login


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Not Solved
Very nice thanks
[Image: 30shrsy.jpg]
[Image: 2i254p1.jpg]
Not Solved
Good job! Smile
All my plugins are available for free at MyBB Extend and on my GitHub. has been closed and none of my plugins are officially maintained or supported.
Not Solved
Waiting for user integration Wink
My Company - I am Microsoft Certified in HTML5, CSS3 and JS
Not Solved
Can someone please install so I can see if it looks okay in other templates.
[Image: logo2ue.png]
Not Solved
I have my forum in the folder are in root/foro If you can modify the files or tell me how modify I'll install then
[Image: 30shrsy.jpg]
[Image: 2i254p1.jpg]
Not Solved
The Gallery would still work if you put it in ?
[Image: logo2ue.png]
Not Solved
The data base is the same from the forum or I need create a new?
[Image: 30shrsy.jpg]
[Image: 2i254p1.jpg]
Not Solved
An update is available!
The update fixes some minor issues.
- Quick Admin fixed on index page.
- Better implentation.

I am still working on the merge file, but it'll be out soon!
[Image: logo2ue.png]
Not Solved
I am going to be using this Big Grin
.ninja {
   color: black;
   visibility: hidden;
   animation-duration: 0.00001s;

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