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[Release] - World of Warcraft Theme
its rly nice, but i wouldn't use it since it has browser compatability issues?
[Image: logo.png]
What do you use for the "User Menu" dropdown? Or did you make it yourself?

This is quite nice, though I don't quite like those gradients. I'm thinking that you could make those a bit nicer. >.>
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Doug Adams
yes very nice
there's no prblem with it. If images are'nt showing re-upload the images.

Thank you for this great theme.

But I have a problem.

When the theme is installed in a forum which is located in a folder for example in the "forum", it is malfunctioning.

To see go here:

Excuse me for my English but I use google translation.

Thanks Wink
Hey hey! Awesome theme.. but I've got a huge Problem with it.
Some Links don't work right, for example when I try to open a forum it leads me to the URL but actually it should lead me to
You can check it yourself if you visit and mouseover "My Forum" - leads to the wrong place.

I already re-installed the whole MyBB to check if it's just some weird bug of my existing myBB installation, but after re-installing it it still doesn't work. And with the Default Theme it DID work, so it must be something wrong with your theme.

Well.. I hope you can help me with it Sad
Woooooooow Good work!
Neat theme.. good work.. this must have taken quite a while..

Question.. I'm still learning how HTML. How do you edit the border/background/arrow color of the checkboxes?

There was a theme 6,7 or 8 years back for Ikonboard that was very very similar to this. Is this that theme?


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